The Eritrean Exodus to Ethiopia

Africa Monitors

September 22, 2018

Following the signing of peace and friendship agreement between Eritrea and Ethiopia which ended the ‘No war, No peace’ status between the two countries new developments are unfolding in unprecedented manner. On the 11th of September 2018, the border opening between the two countries was officially celebrated in the presence of the leaders of the two countries, people and the armies of both countries. Since then there is free movements of people and goods between the countries in unorganized manner. Trade exchange started immediately. Goods that moved from and to each country are being transported without paying customs duties. People are trading goods such as food commodities, building materials. This trade has somehow contributed to easing the pressure of scarcity of goods in Eritrea. Continue reading “The Eritrean Exodus to Ethiopia”

Families in Limbo: Being deprived of closure and unable to move on

Africa Monitors

Eritreans for more than half a century have lost their beloved ones without even knowing an iota of information how, why, when and where they died. This piece discusses the topic in three sections based on chronological events: deaths during the struggle period and today; people killed by the rebels and the government; and death in migration.

 Part one: Fighters and soldiers of the armed struggle and the government

As families are dismantled and fragmented in Eritrea, the suffering for many families takes different forms. During the 30-year armed struggle for independence and even at the present, it has always been the practice of the EPLF and later the Eritrean government to keep secret the death of fighters and soldiers in its ranks and files. Continue reading “Families in Limbo: Being deprived of closure and unable to move on”