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For decades the people of Eritrea have suffered the effects of war, repression, injustices, poor governance. Besides the heavy human lives losses and destruction of livelihoods, the protracted war for independence has culminated in a regime that has no regards for international laws, human rights and democratic rule.

Even by African standards, the state of Eritrea is the only country in the whole continent which has been ruled without a constitution; without national assembly; and with no elections.
Theoretically the state of Eritrea is governed by a single party – Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ). However, practically the ruling party has no actual existence structurally and functionally. Most of its central executive council members have been either imprisoned, frozen or have abandoned the party.
The last time the party has conducted its congress and elected its leadership was in 1994. Power has now been concentrated totally at the hand of the president.
To maintain his absolute control of power, the president has banned the implementation of the 1997 ratified constitution.
Now the already existing weak institutions in the country have been destroyed; civil society organizations are banned from operating in the country. As the result there are no CSOs of any form in the country.

Thus, the state of Eritrea has become known for its grave human rights violations, producing refugees and destabilizing the horn of Africa. All aspects of the civil and political Rights and the economic, cultural and social rights have been violated by the Eritrean government.
Today senior government officials are languishing in secret prison cells for more than a decade without being presented to the court of justice.
Hundreds of thousands are languishing in the manifold secret prison facilities for allegedly evading the indefinite national service scheme and other various reasons.

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