Press Release: statement on the clashes between the Eritrean and Ethiopian Armies along their Tsorona border that erupted yesterday, 12th of June 2016

Africa Monitors is concerned that clashes have erupted yesterday, the 12th of June 2016, between the Eritrean and the Ethiopian armies along their common borders, in the Tsorona area, in the central flank.

Africa Monitors calls on both governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia:

  1. To exercise restraint to prevent any further escalations of the situation into a full scale war,
  2. work towards peaceful settlement of their disputes,
  3. To ensure the safety and protection of the civilian population. As the area is highly populated, this is of great concern,
  4. To cooperate with regional and international bodies to assist in mediating a peaceful solution.

Africa Monitors also calls on:

  1. The AU to step in with its peace and security council, and
  2. The EU and the USA to step in as witness to the peace process.


13 June 2016

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