Statement on the clashes between the Eritrean and the Ethiopian armies along the Tsorona Eritrea-Ethiopia border

It has been confirmed that conflict has started between the Eritrean and Ethiopian troop at the border in the Tsorona border area on the 12th and 13th of June 2016. The clashes may escalate into major and catastrophic war. If we remember more than 100,000 innocent lives were lost in the war that was fought in 1998. Both the Ethiopian and Eritrean people will be devastated by the effects of the war if it escalates. War is in no one’s interest. If the conflict escalates to full fledge ground troop war, it may cost hundreds of thousands of lives from both countries.

  1. I therefore call upon The Ethiopian and Eritrean governments to restrain from further escalating the situation.
  2. I also call on all Justice Loving People of our region and civil groups from both countries to join hands and play their role towards de-escalating the situation and towards bringing peace between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


Geresu Tufa,

13 June 2016


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