A Belgian Human Rights Organization Warns Against Deportations Of Eritrean Refugees From Egypt To Their Country

A Belgian human right organization chairman, Dr. Mukhlaf Abdulsamad, disclosed that the Egyptian government on the order of  president Abdulfatah Alsisi , has detained 100 Eritrean refugees in Egypt in order to  handed them over to the Eritrean authorities in the coming days. 

 Dr. Abdulsamad , said in an exclusive statement to the “Al-Khaleejonline.net”,  that “ Hundred Eritrean refugees, who are registered as refugees in the UNHCR in Egypt and their data are documented there , have been detained by the Egyptian authorities recently, and they  have sent rescue call to our organization, confirming that the Egyptian government  on the  orders of  president Alsisi  intend to deliver them to the Eritrean government”, drawing attention that, “ They will face execution if deported to their country ”.

 Mr. Abdulsamad added that, “ Among the hundred detained refugees, there are children aged from 7 to 10 years, women of older age, some of them went beyond the seventh decade, as well as older patients, all of them are currently held in Egyptian prisons.”  He explained that , “ All those detainees are political opponents to the Eritrean government  and their families  so their fate is  known the death penality”,  because of the iron fist which is known by the government Eritrea, indicating that, “ the detained refugees have only one demand which is to be deported  to Ethiopia and not to be delivered to the Eritrean government.”

He clarified that, “ The Eritrean detainees have acquired the political asylum right because of their presence in Egypt as refugees by the UNHCR decision”, stating that, “ The international law criminalize deportation of a political refugee to his/her country”,  in an indication that the Egyptian president Alsisi  will be categorized as a “criminal’ if he violates the international law and deports the refugees to their country. The head of the Belgian organization confirmed that, “There is still a big chance for rescuing the refugees from the execution if the Egyptian government stops its decision of deporting them to the Eritrean government.”

According to the Eritrean refugee committee, there are about 200 Eritrean refugees detained in different Egyptian governorates. Those refugees were imprisoned while trying to enter Egypt from the Sudan in illegal ways and others detained while trying to reach Europe through the Mediterranean Sea. There are children, women, older people and many young people among the detained refugees who are languishing in a very difficult prison conditions. Some of these refugees have already spent more than a year in prison, while some families prefer to be deported to Eritrea in order not to stay in prison along with their children, despite the risk of deportation to Eritrea.

 It is noteworthy that hundreds of thousands of Eritreans residing as refugees in various countries of Africa and Europe, and the Sudan is the main country of asylum for Eritreans with the presence of more than one hundred thousand refugees. The majority of refugees live in refugee camps located in the eastern arid part of the country (in Gedaref, Kassala), with a smaller number of them in the capital, Khartoum. As Ethiopia considered the second largest country of refuge for the Eritreans, where the number is exceeded a hundred thousand refugees.


Source:         http://www.adoulis.net/entry.php?id=5113  Quoting from  http://alkhaleejonline.net/ in Arabic.

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