Hunger Strike by Eritrean Women in Egypt’s Prison

An Eritrean human right organization known as” May 24 Movement”  reported that 39 Eritrean women are striking on hunger in an Egyptian prison called  Al-Shalal in the governorate of Aswan. It added that the Egyptian authorities have requested it (May 24 Movement) to convince the Women prisoners to terminate their decision of food strike after deterioration of their health conditions.

These women have taken the decision of food strike in a protest to the threat and risk of forced repatriation to Eritrea. The Egyptian security forces have detained them under the accusation of illegal entry to the Egyptian lands according to the “May 24” movement.

The “May 24” human right organization reported that it called on the UNHCR in Egypt to appeal to the Egyptian government in order to release these women from the prison but, the UNHCR replied that it cannot offer help to these cases because they are not registered under the UNHCR.

The Eritrean human right movement added that hundreds of Eritreans are languishing in Egyptian prisons in difficult conditions amid fears of forced repatriation to Eritrea after the end of the Ethiopian embassy’s help to Eritrean detainees.

The human right movement appealed to all the humanitarian organizations and relevant agencies to intervene urgently to put an end to the suffering of these detainees. It called up on these organizations to put pressure on the Egyptian government not to repatriate them to Eritrea because they will certainly be at risk of imprisonment and torture if deported to Eritrea as a result of their escape from Eritrea.

Quoted from Adoulis site for media services and Radio Erena.


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