Eritrean refugees face difficult situations in Yemen


Eritrean refugees in Yemen are facing a very difficult situation, especially after the outbreak of the war between the coalition led by Saudi Arabia on the one hand and the militia of Houthis and the forces of the former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, since more than a year and a half.

Ms. Sana Mohamed-nor, from the Eritrean committee of refugees in Yemen said that refugees face difficulties in security, living conditions and in their health status.  As soon as the arrival of new Eritrean refugees to the coast of Yemen, the militia of the Houthi arrests and detains them  in the city of Hodeida and the city of Mokha and in other parts of Yemen in a  very bad conditions.

The refugees become victims of reprisal for the Eritrean government’s position which supports the alliance led by Saudi Arabia against the Houthis and Saleh forces in Yemen, which affected negatively and increased the suffering of the Eritrean refugees as a result of this political dispute. The Houthis militias arrested dozens of Eritrean refugees who arrived in Yemen, seeking for asylum from the persecutions in their home country, Eritrea.

Ms. Sana added that the suspension of the activities of the UN and other humanitarian organizations in Yemen after the outbreak of the war has aggravated the suffering of the refugees due to the cut of the assistance and services which were provided by those organizations to the refugees.

The Committee of Eritrean refugees in Yemen carries out relentless efforts to help the Eritrean refugees under the difficult conditions of war and the security anarchy which prevails in Yemen nowadays.

According to Ms. Sana, the Committee in cooperation with a US humanitarian organization contributed to the release of about 26 Eritrean refugees in the past year of 2015.

She calls on the Eritreans in the diaspora and the humanitarian and human rights organizations in the world to help the Eritrean refugees in Yemen who are facing very difficult circumstances.

Eritrean Committee for refugees is well organized group of concerned Eritreans operating mainly in Egypt. Africa Monitors works in partnership with the Eritrean committee for Refugees.

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