Combating Abductions in Kassala Region, Sudan

Translated from Tigrigna

Because of their geographic proximity with Eritrea, District of Kassala and Port Sudan, a port city in the Red Sea Region, have long served as a thoroughfare for Eritrean migrants into the country. Most migrants prefer to enter through Kassala for this same city is endowed with a fairly congenial climatic condition, while at the same time harboring most of the ill-reputed human traffickers and smugglers. Consequently, a number of migrants who try to illegally cross the border are abducted by these kidnappers for ransom.

The fact that the Bedouins living in uninhabitable areas bordering with Eritrea are involved in such illicit activities has exacerbated the situation. The Special Court’s verdict has thus far gained broad acclaim in Kassala and everywhere.

Most of the victims, including some minors living in the region, who over the past years endured excruciating torments were first abducted in Kassala. Mikram, Hilet Mossa and al-Amriya are some of the places in Kassala rife with refugees where most of the migrants are abducted from. Following the agreements the European Union concluded with the government of Sudan, the Sudanese government is now on high alert with the intelligence people swarming all over the place in Kassala in order for migrants to not fall prey to these illegal criminals. As students flocking from Sawa and other migrants coming via the Gash-Barka Region enter into the Sudan through Mikram and environs, they are being registered with the UNHCR at the Shegerab Refugee Camp after being duly handled by the Sudanese security people in the area.

It is to be recalled that the government of Sudan successfully released in October 2016 a number of migrants who were kidnapped at Shaebia in Kassala and arrested several members of this criminal network through a special operation.

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