List of individuals Allegedly involved in human trafficking and smuggling in the Sudan

Tramslated from Tigrigna.

Following is a translation of a seemingly well-documented list of smugglers and human traffickers posted in Arabic on the social media.

  1. Angesom Teame Akalom: Nicknamed Angesom Wajh, Angesom always changes SIM cards. He has nine individuals working under him. Living at Sharé al-Walli in Kassala –house number is yet to be verified –the rather tall and approximately 40-year-old Angesom, with a rather wide facial bone profile, is actively involved in smuggling and human trafficking between the ethio-sudanese borders. He usually wears a Palestinian scarf and smuggles people from Ethiopia through Humera to the Sudan. He chauffeurs a car with The plate number 69530, and he changes a plate number and SIM card on arrival at the Sudanese border. An estimate of over 3,000 Eritreans are believed to have been sold directly by him or through his cooperation. This notorious smuggler and human trafficker is suspected to have strong connections with some authorities. He allegedly owns different amunitions and had previously been reportedly recruited under the Eritrean national security.
  1. John Mahray: He used to work with Angesom. Both culprits later split as they could not get along.
  1. Teklebrhan Haile: This individual, commonly referred to as Son of Haile or Son of Dekemharé, is mandated by the Bedouin to glean and communicate personal information about Eritreans at the Refugee Camp. He receives his share from the Bedouin when his fellow compatriots are hijacked by the Rashaida and their ransom gets paid. He uses two officially registered SIM cards by different mobile operators in the Sudan: +249923308729, and +249901715686.
  2. Abu Hamda: The identity of this individual is not clear, but he could be Sudanese or an Eritrean with a Rashaida background living in Kassala. Being actively involved in human trafficking and smuggling of Eritreans, he sells victims to the highly paying smugglers. He maintains strong connections with human traffickers and smugglers in Eritrea and Ethiopia.
  3. Medhanie Ydego Mered: Being a representative of notorious smugglers, Abu Khaled and Abu Abdela, he maintains strong relationship with the Bedouin and smuggles people between Kassala and Khartoum. He also collaborates with Filmon, a perpetrator in the Sinai.
  1. Full name annonymous: With his full name being unidentified, he works hand in glove with the Bedouin in human trafficking and smuggling activities. It is also in the grapevine that he cooperates and has strong connection with senior government officials and military commanders in Eritrea. He is reportedly a member of People’s Front for Democracy and Justice –the only ruling party in Eritrea. He has allegedly accumulated a large sum of money from Eritreans in Norway and the Scandinavia. Formerly an alleged officer in the Eritrean Defense Forces, he now lives at Shegerab Refugee Camp.
  1. Yohannes: Commonly called Son of Massawa, he works with the Bedouin and reportedly offers a bribe to the Sudanese security people.
  1. Mogos Gebremariam (Son of the Reverend): Requisite information is yet to be collected. With his exact address being uncleare, he is involved in human trafficking and smuggling activities.
  1. Yonas: Widely known by his nickname, China. His real name is Mihreteab. His most recent mobile number was: +249904469022. He was working with his cousin Negash Iyasu. Negash Iyasu’s mobile: +249905485995።
  1. Ermias: He lives in Khartoum. He was using the mobile number below prior to the writing of this article: +249926202900.
  1. Kahsay Son of Massawa: He facilitated trafficking a number of youth and minors from Adi-Quala and sold them to the Bedouin Abu Hamda.
  1. Khaled: He is from Barentu, Eritrea, and works with Ibrahim. He has also associated himself with a Bedouin named Abu Ahmed in selling migrants. He is rumored to have sold a number of Eritreans for $8,000
  1. Ibrahim: With his birthplace being at Adi-Keih, he is currently detained in Ethiopia in connection with human trafficking and smuggling.
  1. Abu al-Hassan: Having a Sudanese rashaida background, he is suspected to be a sheriff at a police station and is known to have strong connection with human traffickers and smugglers.

On top of the culprits mentioned above, we have managed to confirm that there are several others who are involved in this illicit activity. Listed below are also notorious smugglers and human traffickers, whose profile is yet to be recorded:

  1. Tesfay Weldu;
  2. Zemhret (works in Khartoum);
  3. Tedros;
  4. Bereket;
  5. Ali
  6. Tesfay
  7. Kibrom (works from Shegerab);
  8. Dejen (who came from Tessenei, Eritrea, and now working in Khartoum);
  9. Teklit Shatab (the Devil) – works in Khartoum;
  10. Kiflay Teklezghi (works in Khartoum);
  11. Mhreteab, aka son of Azen (works in Khartoum);
  12. Teli the Asmarite (works in Khartoum);
  13. Moges, wedi Keshi (works in Khartoum);
  14. Hamed, aka sone of Teshiba (works in Khartoum);
  15. Abrham the Blinite (works in Khartoum and now under arrest);
  16. Mhreteab (lives in Shegerab Refugee Camp);
  17. Dawit, Wedi Ayneta;
  18. Tewelde, from Tessenei (works in Shegerab);
  19. Afwerki (works in Shegerab);
  20. Fikadu (works in Shegerab);
  21. Abdu Hashit (works in Khartoum);
  22. Weldu Zerit (works in Khartoum);
  23. Teshait from Tekombia (works in Shegerab);
  24. Samuel from Segeneiti, Eritrea, (works in Shegerab);
  25. John, Aka Dinish(works in Khartoum);
  26. Osama (works in Shegerab);
  27. Desbele Mengesteab, aka Wedi Gmja (works in Shegerab);
  28. Tesfalem, aka Manja (works in Shegerab);
  29. Amir Abubakir (speaks Tigré);
  30. Anuar (speaks Nara);
  31. Filmon (works in Kassala and makes telephone calls to his associates in the Sinai);
  32. Abdu (works in Shegerab);
  33. Gebreab (works in Shegerab);
  34. Awet aka Handanit (connects between Kassala and Khartoum);
  35. Yonas Tsegay ((works in the Sudan);
  36. Russom (works with Yonas Tsegay and connects between Kassala and Khartoum);
  37. Tekle, from Senafe (connects between Kassala and Khartoum);
  38. Wedi Mergem (works in the Sudan); And,
  39. Wedi Hadgu (uses a crutch to walk and works in the Sudan).

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