New details about the network of trafficking in human organs in Egypt

Translated from Arabic


The Egyptian Ministry of Health has revealed new details about the international network of trafficking in human organs, which was arrested on Tuesday, December 13, 2016.

An official source in the ministry disclosed that a large campaign comprising officers from administrative control and management of free treatment in the ministry and a representative of the department of medical emergency and a branch of the Medical Association in Giza raided at several hospitals on Tuesday morning,  some of which are  licensed by the Ministry of Health and are unlicensed, within the scope of the regions of the Al-Haram and the  Giza  and seized  41 suspects, including 12 doctors and eight members of the nursing bodies involved in the operations of sale and trafficking of human organs, especially kidneys. 

He stressed that the defendants had confessed that they were receiving human organs from some citizens in amounts of up to 15 thousand Egyptian pounds ($ 900) and sell it to some wealthy Arabs and foreigners in amounts of up to 150 thousand pounds (9,000 US dollars). ”

He added that the network includes doctors from the faculties of medicine at the Universities of Cairo, Ain Shams and Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital and the Institute of Kidney, labs and private institutes. He stressed that the defendants had confessed their access to human organs from ordinary citizens through mediators who agreed with them and get them on the written approvals. Removing human organs required 15 thousand pounds per one Kidney.

He said that the administrative control and the ministry have been pursuing the case and watching all the accused two months ago, who were arrested at dawn today, after obtaining permission from the competent judicial authorities. The also seized a large number of documents and computers containing evidence linked to the activities of human organs trafficking.

Another official source in the ministry said that the places raided by the administrative control are 8 private hospitals and 6 labs. A doctor, who was doing a kidney transplant to a Yemeni patient obtained from an Egyptian citizen was arrested in a private hospital in the Al-Haram area south of Cairo.

For his part, Dr. Khalid Mujahid, a spokesman of the Ministry of Health stressed that the declaration of the Administrative Control of arresting the largest international network for the trade of human organs, came upon a major campaign in Cairo and Giza, in coordination with the Ministry and the Medical emergency department and the medical association of Giza. He added that the administrative control department got a detailed confession and evidence from the defendants on the prices of the organs, which they were trading them and the amounts they were paid.

In a connected context, a member in the House of the Egyptian Parliament, Faiqa  Fahim  requested  a briefing to Dr. Ahmed Imad Eddin Radi, Minister of Health about the human organ trade stressing that Egypt ranked third globally in organ trafficking, after India and China, according to the report of the organization of International Coalition to combat trafficking of human organs.

Editor’s Note: As refugees and illegal migrants are the most vulnerable to such acts, this poses considerable threats to refugees and illegal migrants.

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