Impunity of a convicted human trafficking criminal in Kassala, Sudan and detention of Eritreans in Turkey

Translated from Arabic by Africa Monitors

In the second phenomena of its kind, a convicted criminal in the smuggling of human beings and related issues enabled to escape, while being transported from the central prison to the court, which was considering his appeal in the city of Kassala, east Sudan, according to previous reports received by (Adoulis) three days ago. The convicted, who is a native of south runnels area of the city of Kassala had been sentenced to death after investigations and judicial hearings lasted for more than a year, but he appealed the sentence in accordance with the law.

Police investigations are under way to find out how the process of escape was done. City councils are talking about probable plots of official parts, which facilitated the escape process, especially the operation is the second of its kind in the city, where another 10 years imprisonment sentenced criminal has managed impunity, while he was transferred from the central prison to the hospital in the city of Kassala earlier this year.

Human rights organizations, accuse Sudanese officials of involvement in human trafficking operations. An international report revealed the involvement of Sudanese security officials in the operations of human trafficking between eastern Sudan and Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The report added they were in cahoots with traffickers and Egyptian officials in human trafficking operations carried out between the two countries.

On the other hand, a number of foreigners including 12 Eritreans were arrested by the Turkish authorities in Izmir, Turkey, according to a Turkish Arabic site. The site announced that the Turkish authorities arrested the immigrants, while traveling in a boat to Greece. The illegal immigrants were handed over to the Immigration Department in Izmir after the official proceedings in Dekkela that transferred to it.

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