Egypt: Brutal assault against young Eritrean refugee

Crimes and acts of thuggery against Eritrean refugees in Egypt continue from time to time amid a total absence of accountability and punishment against the perpetrators of such heinous crimes. A latest victim of such crimes was a young Eritrean refugee named Jamal Mohammed Adam, who was subjected to brutal assault by thugs in the Ain Shams area in Cairo, on 18th of February, 2016.

brutual crime against Eritrean refugee in Egypt -16.3.2017

The criminals stabbed the young refugee with a knife on his hand, which caused a large wound on his hand and needs a surgical intervention. He was also punched on his face, which led to the break of one of his front teeth. Also his lips ruptured and the assault caused deformation in his face. The criminals then took from him money and his mobile phone and fled away.

Some of the refugee colleagues then have carried him in hurry to the nearest hospital in Ain Shams for treatment. After that, they went to the Ain Shams police station and reported about the incident and the police just registered and issued a police report about the crime. Unfortunately, as usual, the criminals who have committed that heinous crime still have not been arrested and brought to justice.

The Egyptian police often issue a mere report about the crimes committed against Eritrean refugees. The failure of bringing to justice of the perpetrators has led to the increase in assaults and thuggery acts.


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