Egypt: Thugs attack Eritrean refugee in Cairo

A group of Egyptian thugs attacked Eritrean refugee in an area known as “Ard El-Lewaa” in ​​Cairo on Saturday, May 6, 2017. The thugs harassed the refugee named Ahmed in a cafe in the Ard al-Lewaa district and then beat him brutally until he lost consciousness. Egyptians, who were present in the café at the time of incident were simply watching and did not intervene, as the thugs attacked the Eritrean youth.

The assault broke the refugee’s hand and the assailants hit him on the head and back as they grabbed and stole forcibly his mobile phone, money out of his pocket and a seal from his hand. The victim, after gaining consciousness went to a nearest police station to report the incident, but his request was rejected by the police, because some of the thugs had connections within the police department, according to information obtained by the victim and his friends later.

Assaults, robberies and harassment against Eritrean refugees in the districts of “Ard el-Lewaa” and “Ain Shams” in Cairo are repeated by Egyptian thugs and some criminals from Sudan and south Sudan. However, there is no serious response to these attacks and crimes against Eritrean refugees by the competent authorities, which often record the incidents, but none of the perpetrators has been arrested and punished so far.

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