Egypt: Loss of 13 Eritrean migrants, after fleeing the Egyptian police

A member of the Eritrean refugee committee/Africa Monitors in Egypt said that 13 Eritrean migrants are still missing after fleeing from the Egyptian Police arrest, since last March, 2017. The migrants were in a smuggling car with other migrants, when the car they were using has been crashed near the city of Aswan, south Egypt in the mid of the last March, 2017.

The member of the Eritrean refugee committee/Africa Monitors added that families, relatives and friends of the lost migrants are deeply concerned about the fate of the migrants and keep on asking and searching for them. He added, “It has been almost three months since they have disappeared and their whereabouts is still unknown.”

The member of the Eritrean refugee committee/Africa Monitors also said that the committee and other Eritrean volunteer activists are working hard on searching and asking about the fate of the disappeared migrants. He said, “We are in touch with the UNHCR, Egyptian police department, humanitarian organizations in Egypt and lawyers in order to find those migrants or at least know their destiny.”

The Eritrean Refugees Committee/Africa Monitors in Egypt obtained names and documents of some of the victims of the Aswan car accident, where some Eritrean and Ethiopian immigrants were killed last April, as they tried to enter Egypt from Sudan.

The documents were belonged to some of the migrants, including two of the dead, according to some witnesses who survived the incident. The number of people whose names and documents were found was nine immigrants: five Ethiopians (four men and a girl) and four Eritreans (three girls and one man). The two dead are Berhanu, an Ethiopian national and Awet from of Eritrea. They are currently in the Aswan referral Hospital near the “Al-Sail” area.

There are also seven survivors in Aswan prison, four Eritreans (three girls and one young man) and three Ethiopians (one girl and two men). Africa Monitors is not publishing the names of the survivors at its disposal as it has not got the permission to publish them.

The fate of others who were among the migrants who suffered a traffic accident, while attempting to enter Egyptian territory remains unknown.


It is worth to be mentioned that the disappeared migrants were with other 23 Eritrean migrants among whom were Ethiopians, who were subjected to car accident, while trying to enter Egypt in last March via smuggling. The accident happened in an area known as Kemembo near the southern Egyptian city of Aswan, where two Eritrean migrants have died then and others wounded with heavy and light injuries.

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