Egyptian authorities arrest 15 Eritrean migrants, near the border with Sudan

Egyptian authorities have arrested 15 Eritrean migrants, as they tried to enter Egyptian territory across the Sudanese-Egyptian border. The migrants were arrested in the southern Egyptian province of Aswan on Tuesday, May 2, 2017. The Eritrean migrants, whom among them include three minors, are detained in the “Wadi Araba” prison and the “second-section” prison in Aswan. They were on their way to apply for protection and asylum at the UNHCR office in Cairo, Egypt, before they got arrested.

The Egyptian authorities have accused the 15 migrants of illegally infiltrating into Egyptian territory. They are to be handed over to the National Security and then taken to the Immigration and Passports Office, for forced deportation to Eritrea.

The migrants are likely to face serious abuses such as imprisonment and torture by the Eritrean authorities, if they are deported to Eritrea on charges of failing to fulfil their national “duties and obligations” and other accusations.

Many Eritrean migrants have been deported from Egypt to Eritrea during the last three years after being arrested, while trying to enter Egypt via Sudan illegally, as well as, when trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe through the Egyptian shores.

It is worth mentioning that the number of Eritrean migrants entering Egyptian territory through Sudan has increased over the last four years, after the deteriorating security situation in Libya, which is witnessing a civil war, since the collapse of the Gadaffi regime. Since then, it was the main crossing country for Eritrean and African migrants, who try to cross the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

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