Egypt: fears of major attacks against Eritrean refugees in Cairo

African monitors in, Egypt have recently got access to information which indicates that  Egyptian residents of the “Ard lewa” district in Cairo, where most of the Eritrean refugees live in Cairo have written a complaint note to the police against the Eritrean and Sudanese refugees in the area. They have written a complaints note against the refugees accusing them of using drugs, undertaking inappropriate activities and occupying apartments and shops with very high prices. They added in their compliant note that they are very suspicious about those refugees and that they feel themselves as strange people in their home country because of these refugees. It is to be confirmed yet whether they have submitted their compliant note to the police or not.

They appealed to the Egyptian police to take the necessary measures against the refugees. According to the information reached to the monitors of African monitors, some of the Egyptian residents of the “Ard-lewa” district have formed a Facebook group and are campaigning against the refugees. There is serious concerns and fears that groups of Egyptian thugs are preparing for a possible wide attacks and lootings against the Eritrean refugees in the area after these tendentious campaigns.

It is worth mentioning that crimes of physical attacks, harassment, looting and humiliations against Eritrean refugees in Egypt have been in the increase, particularly in the Ard-lewa district, where many of the refugees live there. The attacks are mainly targeted against young people of both genders. It even reached a level of breaking into residence buildings and attacking refugees inside their apartments.

According to the victims of those assaults, there is very limited response from the police and the UNHCR has not done enough to deal and tackle these crimes which led to escalate to a serious level.

One thought on “Egypt: fears of major attacks against Eritrean refugees in Cairo

  1. .........

    Now even we don’t know what’s the aim of’s hard to live with Egyptian. The attacks against Eritrean refugees becomes hug!it’s better to make a camp.ard liwa become very dangerous. Knifes and so on attack against Eritrean refugees. We need a HELP.


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