Egypt: 28 Eritrean migrants face deportation risk

fOn the 5th of August 2017, African Monitors observer in Egypt reported that twenty-eight (28) Eritrean migrants are being held in Egypt and threatened to be deported to Eritrea after they were arrested for entering Egypt illegally. Twenty (22) of those migrants are jailed in Al-shalal prison in Aswan, south Egypt and the other six (6) are held in Al-Muntazah prison in Alexandria, in the north.

The migrants, who have been held in the “Al-Shalal” prison in Aswan, for nearly six months are comprised of 14 men, six (6) women and two children, while the other six migrants are being held in the Al-Muntazah prison in Alexandria, since September 2016.

The imprisoned migrants refuse to be deported to Eritrea for fear of being imprisoned and tortured in Eritrea by the ruling authorities there, and instead demand to be deported to Ethiopia. But Ethiopia has suspended its offer of accepting Eritreans deported from other countries.

The Eritrean activist, Dr. Alganesh has been helping Eritrean migrants and refugees in Egypt and facilitating their deportation to Ethiopia, but because of her working conditions and residence outside Egypt, the fate of these detained migrants is still pending until her visit to Egypt because some of them were in contact with her in the hope that she would facilitate their deportation to Ethiopia. The migrants were arrested and detained on entry to the Egyptian territory before they get the chance to apply for asylum.

Africa Monitors calls concerned international human rights organizations, governments and individuals to intervene to save the migrants from deportation to Eritrea. Particularly we call Dr. Alganesh to follow it up and continue to facilitate the deportation to Ethiopia.

Africa Monitors holds a list of names and dates of arrests of 6 detainees but decided not to disclose them because did not get their consent for disclosure.

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