Egyptian authorities release 21 Eritrean Refugees

Africa monitors’ Monitors in Egypt reported that Egyptian authorities have released 21 Eritrean Refugees on August 24, 2017, who were arrested while attempting to illegally migrate to Italy through the Mediterranean Sea from the Egyptian coast last week.

The UNHCR office in Egypt intervened with the Egyptian authorities to release the refugees, because they were registered in the UNHCR office seeking for asylum and protection, as they arrived in Egypt. The Eritrean Refugees Committee also played an important role in the release of the refugees through its communication with the competent authorities, mainly the UNHCR office in Egypt.

egypt smuggling

The 21 Eritrean refugees, among whom six women and two children were detained by the Egyptian authorities at the coast of the Al-Borolos, in the province of Kafr el-Sheikh along with 26 Egyptian migrants, before the departure of the boat heading to Italy from the Egyptian coast in Mid-August this month.

The refugees had been detained for couple of days in a prison in the port city of Alexandria, before they got at night on the 24th of August this month.

Also, the Egyptian authorities have charged the owners of the boat, Ayman, 39, a fisherman (Egyptian) and Mustafa, 46, also fisherman (Egyptian) on the smuggling offenses of immigrants and facilitation of illegal emigration to Italy.

Under the supervision of Counselor Ahmed Ashour, the first Attorney General of the Kafr El-Sheikh District Prosecution, the two Egyptian fishermen, who live in the center of Al-Borolos were held for four days on investigation for being charged with smuggling offenses and facilitating the illegal emigration of 47 people across the Mediterranean Sea to Italy.



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