Egyptian police arrests Eritrean refugee in Cairo

Egyptian police have arrested Eritrean refugee (Name withheld) on October 1, 2017, because of the lack of official residence. The refugee was arrested near the Abbasseya church in Cairo and is held at the Wali police station.

The refugee, with UNHCR case number (Number withheld) had begun the extraction of the residency, which begins at the Egyptian Foreign Ministry and ends in the Liberation complex for passports and immigration. Refugees in Egypt including Eritrean are often arrested and detained by the Egyptian police for not possessing or renewing the residence permit, while the process takes long time and includes a lot of difficulties and inconvenience.

The Egyptian authorities have released at the beginning of October 2017 two Eritrean refugees who had been detained for the same reasons in August 2017(names withheld).


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