Eritrean migrants expelled from Sudan face a worse fate in their own country

Translated from Tigrigna

Africa Monitors’ Monitors have reported that Eritrean migrants deported from Sudan are being put in jail according to their cases and backgrounds. Based on this:

The first batch

The Eritrean security authorities divide the young people expelled from Sudan and have not received military training before into two groups. The first group is sent to a military a prison and training camp in the remote and arid plains of Afabet, while the other group is being held in a training camp and detention center known as “Kormana” near the city of Agurdat in western Eritrea.

The second batch

The Eritrean security authorities also held in detention, deported migrants from Sudan, who used to serve in different positions of the Eritrean army, such as personnel, leaders of army groups and battalions, who have been blacklisted by their military units. They have been handed over by the Sudanese authorities later to the Eritrean regime and are detained currently in underground detention center, famously known by the name (Aboy Rugum) in the outskirts of a town known as Nackfa, for indefinite period, under the command of colonel Berekhet (krenfot) head of border guards.

The third batch

The third batch of deportees is those who completed national service and served in various ministries, as well as members of the National Service, who were studying in different colleges in the country. They were forcibly expelled by the Sudanese authorities and handed over to the Eritrean authorities who detain them indefinitely in a notorious detention camp known as “Heshferai”, located north of the town Hagaz.



Translation by: Moahmmed Hiyabu

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