Sudan: Migration update

Despite the closure of the Sudanese – Eritrean border by the Sudanese government the flow of Eritrean refugees to Sudan is continuing unabated. According to the information from Africa Monitors in Sudan, the level of the flow of Eritrean refugees to Sudan has not been affected. Particularly in those crossing points at the southern tip (Hamdait) and Northern tip (Karora) of the border seem to show no change in the level of the flow of Eritrean refugees. In the karora crossing point, the flow of Eritrean refugees includes even families. Eritrea which depends on the Sudanese markets for commodities is very much affected by the border closure because the closure has caused scarcity of commodities and they skyrocketing of prices in the Eritrean market compounded by the prevailing drought resulting from the failure of last season’s rainfall. Already even before the closure of the border between the two countries families were fleeing to Sudan as the result of the famine in the country. Even in good rainy season Eritrea is not self-sufficient in food security because of the country is dry and rainfall is erratic and scarce. As the months go the situation is likely to worsen as resources will be depleted with the possibility of creating a humanitarian crisis. Also, has reported on the famine situation in Eritrea:
Human trafficking and smuggling from Sudan to Libya resumes
For more than a year migration from Sudan to Libya was controlled (stopped) as Sudan heavily exerted efforts to curb it supported by the European Union funding. However, Sudan being preoccupied with other pressing issues such as economic and political crisis has withdrawn these efforts. Since February this year migration and smuggling of refugees to Libya have resumed at a greater scale in a more organized way. In this process, selfish high ranking Sudanese officers and officials are believed to be involved and colluding with human traffickers and smugglers to accumulate wealth from the business. It is to be recalled that the Rapid support force that was mandated to lead the operation to control the human trafficking and smuggling to Libya way redeployed along the Sudanese and Eritrean border in the East of the country.
As the migration route to Libya has opened and the human traffickers and smugglers have resumed the trafficking and smuggling operation, a big number of refugees mainly Eritreans are gathered in Khartoum and its vicinities are ready to depart to Libya. These refugees who include mothers and children are being gathered by the human traffickers and smugglers for departure to Libya.
Africa Monitors urges the international community to give due attention and to work hard to prevent the unfolding human suffering and loss resulting from the human smuggling and trafficking business to Libya. Because the journey is unsafe, people are being subjected to rape, torture; abandoned in the Sahara desert to die from thirsty; taken hostage, killed by ISSIS and other criminals and they drown in the Mediterranean Sea when attempting to cross to Europe

Businesses owned by refugees in Khartoum are being searched by members of the Sudanese security force
A number of businesses which include shops and boutiques owned by refugees in Khartoum, Sudan, particularly those owned by Eritrean refugees are being searched by members of the Sudanese security forces since the past few weeks under allegations of being engaged in hard currency exchanges. Already the owners of these businesses which are owned by Eritrean refugees have been receiving repeated warnings that they are involved in illegal business activities and illegal hard currency exchange activities. Thus they were put under serious surveillance. The searches are conducted by members of the security forces in civilian clothes. Following the searches, some of the Eritrean owners of these businesses have been put under arrests. It is to be recalled in the face of political and economic challenges, the Sudanese government has declared a state of emergency in the states of Kassala, Khartoum, and Kordofan.

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