Sudan: Crack down of Human traffickers and smugglers intensifies

November 11, 2018

Based on an anonymous source familiar with the document, the Sudanese government has started to arrest smugglers and human traffickers based on the list of the names given by the European Union. Though there were previous actions by Sudanese government to arrest traffickers, the current operation which started in September seemed quite effective for it was based on detailed and clear information on the traffickers provided by the European Union.

The operation is also expected to be extended to the Kassala regional state soon. It is to be noted for exchange for financial aid the Sudanese government has entered into a strategic partnership to curb human traffickers and the flow of Refugees through its territories towards the European borders.

The Sudanese government has been conducting operations targeting groups and individuals who are involved in the human trafficking and smuggling business. However the current operations are different because the European Union has provided the Sudanese government an updated detailed information on the names and addresses of the suspects. Information obtained from insiders indicates that if the government succeeds to arrest the wanted criminals in a short time span, it is expected the Sudanese government to receive significant financial aid from the European Union as a reward for its cooperation.  And the Sudanese government appears to be committed in hunting down human traffickers and smugglers.

Though the Sudanese security forces are seen to conduct sustained surveillance on the main human trafficking network centres/bases in Sudan and making arrests of human traffickers and smugglers, their operations have not been effective because many of these networks have links with high ranking Sudanese security officers based on mutual interests.

As most human traffickers and smugglers in Sudan hold Sudanese or Eritrean passports, when the security crackdown on human traffickers and smugglers in Sudan intensifies and becomes persistent, they escape to Kampala (Uganda) and Juba (South Sudan) and spend good time there and return to Sudan when things calm down.

Nowadays, as many of those Eritreans who are crossing to Ethiopia are further migrating to Sudan and then proceed to Uganda and Kenya, Human traffickers and smugglers in Sudan are very busy organizing journeys for the new arrivals.

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