Kabbee – An association for Refugees

Khartoum, Sudan – Kabbee is an Eritrean association founded in California USA, in December 2017 by committed Eritreans. The main purpose of the association is to provide trainings to Eritrean refugees and equip them with different skills such as computer applications, English language, wood and metal works, driving, etc… Currently its activities are limited in Sudan, Egypt and through time Kabbee will expand to Uganda and Ethiopia.

Some of the trainees

 The association has conducted seminar on May 13th in Khartoum, Sudan. Founder of the association Mr. Alazar Yosief Hashenkit explained to the participants how and why the association was established and so far what are achieved and what future plan does the association has. In his explanation, Mr. Alazar, said that though the association was founded in December 2017, however it became functional and active starting from March 2018. Mr. Yosief added that the association started its activities, with limited resources, by providing training on computer and wood and metal works to limited number of Eritrean refugees in Khartoum, Sudan. He added that with time the training was made to include different skills and since its inception Kabbee has provided training to 822 refugees of which 632 have completed their training.

Graduates posting for group photo

Objectives of Kabbee

Eritrean refugees in the countries where they live in or stay for transition face different challenges such as language barrier, financial problems and unemployment. To address these challenges Kabbee has taken the initiative to play a role. One of the main objectives of the association is to help Eritrean refugees to acquire skills and knowledge which will help them to develop themselves and use their time purposefully.

Future Plan

Mr. Yonas Head of Training in Sudan and Egypt pointed out that Kabbee will expand its activities to Uganda and Ethiopia to create similar opportunity for Eritrean refugees residing in these countries. In addition Mr. Yonas indicated that the association will expand its limited activities in Cairo to include different training and skills, introduce advanced education, open training and testing centres. Furthermore, graduate and post graduate programs through online are also part of the long term plan of the association.”

Kabbee is an association independent of any religion or any political organization which only strives to help Eritrean refugees. All trainings provided by Kabbee are free of charge. The word ‘Kabbee ’ is in Belien (which is one of the languages spoken in Eritrean) and its meaning is to help.

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