Living conditions are getting worse at Shegerab Refugeee camp


Eritrean refugees’ situation in Shegerab refugee camp, Sudan is getting worse. Our monitor from Sudan communicated with some of the refugees and they explained to him that there is shortage of basic necessities like food, water and shelter and their conditions are abject. In addition, as it is rainy season, the refugees are prone to different epidemic diseases, sadly the UNHCR and other concerned organizations are not acting to improve their conditions.

In other news, On 22nd and 23rd of July 2019, Sudanese security forces in Khartoum, Sudan conducted rounding up of Eritrean refugees who do not have residence permits in the city. So far 86 Eritreans are detained in Arebi and Omdurman prisons and are going to pay some amount of money which will be determined by court for their release.

The Eritrean refugees are continuously victims of repeated rounding ups, detentions and financial fines. Last month, for example, those who were rounded up and detained paid 10,000 Sudanese Pound for their release.

Though according to the Sudanese laws, refugees are required to have residence permit or renew their papers, the amount of money required to get or renew residence permit is becoming expensive (it has increased from 500 to 2000 Sudanese pound).

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