Shegerab Refugee Camp update: Refugees’ Representatives still in police custody 

Although the Camp is quite and calm these days, the refugee representatives who were arrested during the clash with camp security are still in police custody. The arrest took place on 4th of March 2020 and the use of excessive force on desperate refugees happened in front of the UNHCR officers, whom the international community entrusted to protect them. UNHCR kept quite while its officers are the witnesses of the unacceptable use of the live ammunition, teargas and arrest of innocent refugees. It is expected of UNHCR to protect refugees. But the two refugee representatives are incarcerated. For a long time it’s become crystal clear refuges are living under abject conditions and miserable situation. The question is why these two refugees are kept in police detention for days now for seeking help from UNHCR.

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These refugees crossed a long journey and perilous route to arrive to the camp seeking safety. However, the lives of the refugees is under a treat. It is expected of the international community to heed their demands and address their challenges.

UNHCR, COR (commission of refugees in Sudan) and other concerned bodies ought to intervene and ensure the immediate release of the two arrested refugees, listen and address the refugees’ demands, and improve the living conditions in the camp. Besides, as the camp management has completely failed to provide services and security to refugees, it is timely to completely overhaul the administration and place an effective and respectful management team which will safeguard the humanitarian principles. Otherwise in its current state the Camp is no less than a prison..


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