Africa Monitor is an Eritrean Human Rights Organization based in Uganda.

We aim to protect and promote human rights and justice for Eritreans both inside Eritrea and in exile. We do this through research, documentations, and information dissemination and awareness raising as well as through lobby and advocacy, campaigns and facilitation the provision of legal assistance by joining hands with other human rights organizations and intergovernmental and international organizations.

Our vision

We strive to contribute to a just, peaceful and prosperous Eritrea where all aspects of human rights are protected and respected and where all human beings are able to enjoy their full rights and freedom and live in dignity with their safety and security being protected.

Core Values

  •  Justice
  • Rule of law
  • Good governance
  • Humanity
  • Democracy
  • Dignity
  • Freedom
  • Liberty
  • Compassion integrity

Our goals

Africa Monitors’ goal is the protection and promotion of human rights and basic Freedoms of Eritrean citizens.

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