Our objectives

Africa Monitors has different objectives

➤ To promote awareness of basic human rights as contained in the UN universal human rights declaration and international laws and instruments among Eritrean citizens;

➤ To carry out research, monitoring and documentation of human rights policies, laws and practices in Eritrea and in countries where Eritrean refugees live;

➤ To promote institutional practices, constitutional government system, good governance, respect for the rule of law and democracy;

➤ To promote and protect legal protection of human rights;

➤ To promote the installation of functional, independent, competent, neutral justice system in Eritrea;

➤ To facilitate the provision of legal support and assistance, social and psychological services to victims of human rights violation and to citizens who need legal protection;

➤ To address the problems of protection, security, safety of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers;

➤ To promote and protect freedom of expression and free press;

➤ To provide information to the Eritrean public on issues of human rights, politics, democracy, justice and rule of law;

➤ To enhance and develop capacities of individuals, professionals and organizations involved in human rights promotion and protection and the media sector;

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